Ertebatat Baregheh Pardis Company cooperates with the following specialties full time to complete its technical staff:

Required specialties:

Software group

  • Master of Artificial Intelligence familiar with the concepts of machine learning and deep learning
  • Master familiar with the concepts of speech processing
  • Master of Software Familiar with programming
  • Proficient programmer fluent in C++ or Python programming
  • Electronics engineer familiar with FPGA and proficient in VHDL programming
  • Master of System Telecommunication Familiar with the concepts of signal processing and digital telecommunications

Hardware group

  • Master of Field Telecommunication Familiar with the design of active microwave circuits
  • Electronics engineer fluent in ARM programming
  • Electronics or telecommunications engineer proficient in PCB design of high frequency circuits and multilayer boards

Assembly group

  • Electronic board assembler fluent in assembling SMD components